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4 Benefits of Pre-Packaged Cannabis Flower

Buy Quality Cali Tins Online Australia Flower has been and continues to be the most popular product sold in dispensaries. Flower accounted for 58% of total sales in 2020, according to Flowhub data.

However, the manner in which it is sold varies.

Deli-style = each purchase of flowers is weighed out of a clear storage container.
Pre-packed flowers have been weighed and packaged ahead of time. Cannabis Dispensary Online Australia

1. Pre-packaging reduces risk of contamination

Pre-packaging your flowers ensures that your client receives a clean and high-quality product. The more cannabis is touched, smelled, and scrutinized at each level of the supply chain, the more vulnerable it becomes to contaminants such as mold and mildew.

Consider the following transaction at a deli-style dispensary:

A consumer requests to see a specific flower strain.
The budtender displays the jar to them.
To smell it, the customer inserts their nose into the jar.
The budtender digs into the container for some nugs. They occasionally use chopsticks (which have most likely touched countless other surfaces).
Repeat until the jar is completely empty.
Wash the container (preferably, but not always), then replace with fresh flowers and repeat.

This is a frequent occurrence, but knowing how viruses work makes it less tempting. While viruses or germs are unlikely to be transferred from flower, the quality of the bud is likely to suffer.

2. Pre-packaging improves inventory control

Cannabis flower naturally loses weight owing to loss of fluids. This has an impact on consumer satisfaction and bud quality, but it also generates inventory problems. For dispensaries, shrinkage and loss prevention are major concerns. Shrinkage rates in 2018 were 1.4%, according to the 2019 National Retail Security Survey.

If you buy bulk marijuana by weight, you will inevitably lose money because the weight you bought for and the weight you eventually sell will not be the same. In your state’s track and trace system, you’ll also have to account for what happened to that missing flower.

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There will also be loss from weighing heavy, dropping flowers, human error, and so on with deli-style. Flower pre-packaging minimizes weight loss, especially in arid conditions. It also prevents vibration and kief loss due to handling.

Aside from loss, managing bulk flower is more difficult — notably in Metrc states — because you can’t mix flower from different packages.

If a customer requests a quarter but you only have an eighth of a container remaining, you must either go fetch a new container (risking having two of the same strain open on the floor) or split the sale into two transactions to account for a different line item for each packet. If it’s incorrect, you’ll get a negative in Metrc.
Pre-packaging decreases the possibility of selling from the incorrect package.
Pre-packaged inventory is also easier to manage and move.

4. Pre-packaging saves time and increases efficiency

Pre-packaging flower can help your dispensary be more efficient, resulting in more revenue and cheaper costs.
As the cannabis market consolidates, prices decrease, and competition rises, you must streamline processes.

The transaction procedure is one example of immediate efficiency. Budtenders just grab the product, ring it up, and collect payment rather than spending time hand-selecting, weighing, and packaging bud for each customer. Buy HHC Gummies Online Australia

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