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Who are the Jungle Boys cannabis breeders and growers ?

Buy Jungle Boys Strain Online Australia Jungle Boys is an independent cannabis collective based in Los Angeles that creates high-quality cannabis products, seeds, and streetwear. Initially popular on the West Coast, the brand has recently established a substantial presence among Florida medical cannabis patients. They are one of the most well-known marijuana brands in the world.

On a broader scale, Jungle Boys’ worldwide appeal can be ascribed to the dynamic genetics that they make available to the public and other breeders for their own cultivation and cannabis cultivation projects. Third-party retailers sell their items throughout the state of California.

Buy Jungle Boys Strain Online Australia

Jungle Boys products adhere to the quality above quantity credo. Ivan and Juice have decades of cultivation experience, and hundreds of their unique cultivars have gone from seed to sale in Jungle Boys’ own facilities—every single breeding effort undertaken by their team is completed in-house. Having pheno typing and tissue culture tests done in-house helps to maximize cleanliness and health on a plant-by-plant basis.

Maintaining consistent and reasonable pricing for medical patients keeps many of them coming back.

Many cannabis enthusiasts wear clothing to demonstrate their support for their favorite products. Fans may show off their tastes and spread the word by wearing visually appealing streetwear apparel like t-shirts with the now-iconic brand logo and strain art.

Meanwhile, aesthetic cultivation strategies such as just hand-trimming their buds for sale resonate strongly with a market seeking bag appeal.

Jungle Boys seeds for sale

Jungle Boys genetics are available to both home and commercial growers at each retail location, as well as at many online seed banks and on the company’s website. Along with feminized seeds, Jungle Boys offers conventional seed alternatives for those interested in doing their own breeding efforts with their stable and proven genetics. Cannabis Dispensary Online Brisbane

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